What should your message be for a better online dating?

Although online casual dating apps for free are popular all over the world, they don't tell you how to chat with people. If you're a new member of an online dating app, or if you've downloaded a casual tinder free app for a long time and haven't found anyone to hook up with, I can help you with that. Sending the first message is crucial because it is a key factor in making a good impression on others.

Ordinary people might send something like: What do you do? What are you doing today? How was your day? and such information to start a connection. But such problems often do not bring you closer to each other. Remember that you are now chatting with someone who is unfamiliar but is likely to be your partner in the bed, so you need to use some techniques to warm up your relationship so that you can meet up in a short time.

Here are some questions you can ask each other on the tinder free app.

  1. You can ask her that what she like to do in her spare time.
    Don't talk about work. People don't want to talk about serious work during their free time. You can find the common ground of your interests and hobbies from his/her answers, which is a good topic for you to talk about. Because everyone likes to talk about themselves with others. Meeting a like-minded person is even more precious.
  2. You can also ask if he/she can recommend some good places that they have visited to.
    This is a great way to start a conversation if she's not a very cold person. By answering this question, you can easily tell what her attitude towards life is and whether she is a person who loves life. And it will deepen your bond. You can also tell a lot about her personality from her hookup dating profile.
  3. Talk about the constellation
    In fact, many women are very interested in horoscopes. If you ask a woman what her constellation is, her probability of answering you is 80 percent. By asking this question, you can find out when your hookup partner’s birthday is, and you can also find out if they believe in the zodiac. At the same time, you can tell her about the typical characteristics of the constellation she belongs to, which will make your potential hook up partner think that you are really very interesting. Who doesn't want to hook up with a fun person?

Many people will feel it is not very good to ask your potential one night dating partner above such personal information in the dating application, but given that most of us are looking for a partner, whether a long term relationship partner or a casual dating partner, the more personal the question you ask, the more likely you are to have a one night dating. Because it will make your casual dating date think that you really care about her life, so offline dating is easy to implement.