5 tips on female to male transition

1. Prepare your food

It takes a long time to be fully recovered after the transition surgery, you'd better stay at home and avoid going outside in the process. If you are a transgender who are considering about this that you should prepare your food in advance. Buy some healthy food instead of unhealthy snacks. Healthy food is helpful for your recovery. You need some easy-to-digest foods after surgery. Due to the effects of anesthesia, your post-op system will be slower than before, so don't eat foods that are not easy to digest. By some fruit sauce, vegetable and instant mashed potatoes, they are friendly to your stomach good for your health. Te night before the surgery, eat some fruits and veggies. Your eating habit is also very important, it maters your transition surgery.

2. Set an area for your recovery
Prepare for everything including your bed and couch before the surgery. Why? Body pains cannot be avoid after the surgery, how to avoid suffering from body pains is a difficult problem for transgender people who as for a better ts dating life. In fact, it cannot be avoid, it can only be reduced. When you get in and out of the bed, try to avoid using your arms and the upper part of your body. Don't rush for a tranny date. You'll feel acute soreness after the surgery. Prepare a comfortable bed which is helpful to your recovery, it will help you to suffer less. Don't leave alone, because in the first few days after the surgery, you need other people's help every time when you get in and out of the bed. Ask your families or friends to live with you after the surgery.

3. Considering about everything in detail
If you are going to have undergo the transition surgery, there are a lot of things you should prepare for, and you should also consider about everything carefully before the surgery. Your everyday life will be different from the former life, you should be ready to live in a different way. Prepare something for everyday use after the transition surgery. You can also ask experienced trans people for advice, they can recommend some products that are good for your recovery to you. Advices from them are helpful for you, especially if it is your first transition surgery.

4. Scopolamine patch
Some transgender people choose to undergo the surgery without anaesthesia, if you are one of them, I suggest you to use scopolamine patch. Stick behind your ear, it will lessen the pain caused by surgery. You may feel sick after anesthesia, scopolamine patch is helpful to reduce nausea. I'm a transgender man, after my first transition surgery, I felt extremely sick. I asked for a scopolamine patch, and I never had the same problem again.

5. Don't smoking
If you smoke, now it is time to quit smoking before surgery. Otherwise, your doctor will not approve your surgery. Smoking makes it difficult to recover after the surgery. You'd better quit smoking long before the surgery. In fact, smoking is bad for your health no matter you are a transgender person or not.