Those BBWs never choose to be a lesbian

With the development of modern society, being a lesbian is not a weird thing nowadays. Even though some people still cannot accept this kind of relationship, they pay respect to those lesbians as well. And i think it is the right action. Recently, according to some data, there are lots of people who do not like to be lesbians, especially those BBW women who want BBW tinder. So, we did some researches of its reasons, and here are them as follows, let's look through them together.

First of all, we know that plus size women always catch others' lights easily no matter where they are. If they have lesbian relationship with others, they may feel much more awkward in the public. And others may judge them in much worse words than before, it is not a good thing for plus size women of course. They want to have a BBW dating or BBW hookup. As a result, they refuse to be lesbians. Secondly, being lesbians may not easy to develop their family trees in a way, but on the contrary, there are a large number of plus size women hope to have their own children in the future, so that most of them prefer seeking for those men as their life partners rather than be lesbians. Well, according to this point, i believe that most people have the same idea like this and it is easy to be understood as well, am i right? Then, the third point is that if plus size women are lesbians, it may be more difficult for them to be accepted by the whole society. Because compared with those skinny women, BBWs always under bad situations in a way. Well, we can imagine that things may be much worse when people come across BBWs lesbians. It will bring too much pressure to those plus size women and may even let them in big trouble sometimes, so they don't like to be lesbians. Last but not least, compared with men, women may easier leave a mean impression to others. As a matter of fact, such a feature can be found in many researches. So if two women stay together, there may have so many chores between them during their daily life but that's not those BBWs want i believe. Eventually, plus size women still cannot find their true love after experiencing lots of things. This kind of result is not good.

In conclusion, i do not mean that being lesbian is a bad thing, what i really what to say is that different people have their own considerations about it, just like those plus size women. By the way, i think those BBWs' reasons are considerate in a way.