Some Differences Between 3rder And Other Threesome Apps

If you have ever thought about a different lifestyle, you must know 3rder dating app since it is one of the most popular tinder app on kinky dating market. About 5 years ago, it released its first version and now it has become a well-known app and over one million people from all over the world are using it for threesomes or swingers dating. In fact, there is a variety of similar online apps for threesomes on the app store but 3rder is always considered to be a remarkable one. Thanks to its advantages as follows, it makes itself different from other apps of this kind.

Believe it or not, 3rder is the only tinder for threesomes app that works similarly to Tinder. As a tinder-style dating app, 3rder try its best to offer its user a fast and easy dating platform on which users can swipe right to add users they like and swipe left to pass users they don’t like. Whenever users want to check whom they have viewed and who have viewed them, the simple profile system makes it possible for them to do it at any time. Users also can find their potential matches in the favorite list even if they haven't paid this app.

During past few years, 3rder has worked well for users and it barely has something wrong all the time. So far as we know, some other swingers apps encountered problems more or less but 3rder has nothing wrong. Therefore, users like to use it for threesomes because they believe it is a stable running app that will never let them down. They trust 3rder and the app also rewards users' trust with the best service.

Although 3rder doesn't have the largest number of users, it actually has the most daily active users who are looking for serious threesome relationships here. It is said that about 75 percent of people on 3rder are daily active users and this number is increasing all the time. That’s to say, if you are just new to this app, the most people you meet are real people, so that you can make friends with them without concerns about meeting fake users. 3rder calls itself to be the safest threesome app and it really does a great job in this field.

Whether you would like to upgrade your membership or not, 3rder won't force you stop your journey here until you pay. You are allowed to stay on this app forever as a free member and it will never put up some obstacles to your dating trip. Now, so many users have bought a subscription for some advanced dating features since they find 3rder is totally an affordable app. Compared with other apps, it charges you much less money while it offers you the most privileges of using those extra functions for threesomes.