Q&A Get Your Husband to Have A MMF Threesome with You

Q: Recently, I watched a movie about threesome. It is Love. I think I am crazy about it, about threesome. I want to have a tinder threesome with my husband and I want the third to be a male. It must be so wonderful and fun to be surrounded by two naked handsome. Sometimes I even dreamt for it. But I think my husband wouldn't agree to that. I spoke to him once and he is really resistant to it. I know that it is very hard to ask a straight man to sleep with another man, but I really want it. I want to be loved and cares int he same time by two naked males. How wonderful is that? I just want to try it so bad. What should I do to get my husband into it?

A: It is good to hear you speak it out. Now that you have clearly found out what you want, you can try some method to get your husband on board. The first method is to persuade him in every way. It is very common that most men can't accept sharing a bed with another men. But most men have no problem watching a man with a woman. The woman can be their partner sometimes. You need find out if it is okay to your husband to see you with another man. Tell him that it is okay if he doesn't want to touch this man. The two males are just there to please the female. There will be no intimate contact between them. If your husband is okay with that, that is very easy. You just need to stick to the plan and do it. If your husband can't accept it, there goes the second way. Every man wants to have a threesome dating with two hot chicks. So is your husband. I am pretty sure he is interested too. Find out what kind of girl she likes and bring him the photo and an invitation. You can have a threesome with a pretty girl first. Make your husband happy and satisfied. Since you have allowed him to have threesome with two girls, why he can't allow you to have a threesome with two handsomes. I think he can't say no to you after that.

Here is the tips I can give to in regard to having threesome with two males. The situation differs from individuals. Sometimes, there is no way that can get your husband into having a MMF threesome with you, you might as well give it up. After all, nothing can be more important than your marriage, right? If your husband is not 100 percent on board, threesome can really damage your relationship. No joking. There are many people experienced this. Just think twice before you do it.