One thing you should know about ONS - Never back out!

How many times have you ever been on the edge of a one night stand, while chickened out because of not knowing how. Believe it or not, you are not the only one. Hookup might be the most confusing thing in the whole dating field. Even though there is no hookup rule that can be applied for all people, there are still some ground rules that can help you enjoy one night stand as much as possible. Remember, even if you are not going to see that person again doesn't mean you shouldn't leave a good impression.

Do not do it with your friend. Hooking up with someone you are familiar with is usually considered as a terrible idea. There is huge chance that you are going to wake up with regret and the risk of endanger your friendship. Most importantly, someone might probably grow feelings for the other if not both. Things will get worse. There are hundreds and thousands of people who you can hookup with while you still want to sleep with that one? Maybe not. By the way, if you really like each other that much, you should be dating now, right?

Try online dating platforms. Even though there are good and bad being said about online dating apps, I still want to state a few favorable about online dating. First of all, online dating apps are the best and most efficient way to find a stranger to have a one night stand with. After that night, you are not going to see each other again. You can't find any other safer and better way to do this. Second of all, online date hookup apps is the most economical way as well. Instead of spending money at bas or night clubs waiting for luck, online dating apps can give you much more promising and solid result.

Never assume their answer. Just because someone responded to your flirt doesn't mean she wants to sleep with you. Sometimes, no matter how intimate you get, it's just for fun and that's all. Therefore, if you want to have a one night stand with someone, make sure mutual content by asking. Only when she says yes, can you go on to the next stage, otherwise you might be committing a serious crime.

This is the most important three tips I can offer that I think is of the most importance. Just like any other things in life, you should practice more to learn experiences in order to get better the next time. So just be brave and march in. Good luck!