Communication and Flirt Skills for You First Date

I often heard my friends asking, "Why do other guys can flirt with girls so well, but the girls I like don't even talk to me?"

First of all, we all know that chatting and flirt on dating apps is a process of exchanging information, emotions and, in general, exchanging values. And the value of chat and flirt can be divided into other values (talk, knowledge…). And emotional values. If you want to have a good conversation or flirt or even hook up with be naughty girls, you must have emotional value.

Humorous opening + emotional topics that is easy to talk about + timely termination of the conversation What is a humorous opening line? What are the most emotive topics? Today we're going to focus on "stopping conversations at the right time."

First of all, we need to know why we should stop the conversation. In fact, when chatting, people's liking for each other is like a curve that goes up and then goes down. Pay attention to the good conversations you've had with girls, as well as with friends. It's not hard to find awkward silences when talking about the best feelings of both parties. At this time, two people will try to talk. If the quality of the chat declines, the mood of both parties will be affected. Finally, they become "chatting for the sake of conversation".

So at this point, guys need to find a good reason and take the initiative to stop the conversation. Terminating the conversation has three benefits:

First, reflecting that your life is very rich. You have better thing to do other than chatting with her. Second, make a girl feel you are "challenging" and she will be eager to conquer you, and in the process she will like you more and more. Third, stop the conversation at the peak of your mood and make a positive emotional connection so she'll be in a positive mood till the next time you talk.

So how exactly do we end a conversation for tinder hookup? First, the peak-to-end law. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman has found that memories of experiences are determined by two factors: The feeling of the peak, and the feeling of the end. In short, if the experience is pleasurable at the peak and end of an experience, then the experience as a whole is pleasurable. For example, a first date with a girl you like. In this process, you may be nervous or other reasons that cause you late for the date, or do not know what to talk about. These are not important.

As long as you get a little bit of a lift in her mood and keep the harmony going and end the date well, her overall feeling towards the date will be harmonious.