Things You Need to Know about Your Date of Transgender Dating

Perhaps everyone has heard of the words "transgender woman", "shemale", "ladyboy", but not everyone knows the difference. Even if all of these terms refer to people who have been assigned the wrong gender at birth, depending on the situation, if you don't know what it means, the wrong use of this term may hurt others. So now let's figure out the definition of these terms to avoid misunderstandings that may make when talking to trans women. Especially when you are looking for a transgender girlfriend on tinder free app, some basic knowledge about the LGBT language used in a transgender community may make you stand out. So if you want to impress the transgender girl you like, take a carefully look at this article.

Different surgical status

There are three different surgical status for transgender people. Such as Transsexual Pre-Op, Transsexual Post-Op and Transsexual Non-Op. The first status, Transsexual Pre-Op means male-to-female people who still keep their male genitalia, but to a certain extent are intended for SRS. The second statues, Transsexual Post-Op means that male-to-female people who have the sex reassignment surgery. And the their status, Transsexual Non-Op means that male-to-female people who hasn't have the surgery and don't want to. Because of many reasons, for example, the risk of medical complications, the high cost of surgery, the fear of loss of sexual pleasure, and so on.

Many transgender women prefer to position themselves as "pre-op" because it sounds more flexible. In other words, it does not mean that all trans people will have sex reassignment surgery, and different trans people will think differently. It also leaves open the possibility of surgery. Therefore, if you're looking for a flexible relationship, the surgical status of your transgender partner may be important. Of course, it's up to them to decide whether to operate. Please don't try to impose your ideas on them, nor force them to do it.

Always use transgender or transsexual, sometime use ladyboy and never use shemale

People who care about transgender people will notice that the word "shemale" is common on porn sites. Because this word is often associated with pornography and prostitution. This is why this word is completely inappropriate for trans women, because not all trans women are involved in the sex industry. Many transgender women who live a decent life have to face stereotypes that may hinder their career development or find a nice partner. The first thing you want to do to find trans dating is to forget everything you see on the shemale porn site.

Term of trans-related

Transgender women: This word is usually refers to a woman who was assigned male at birth. It can identify Western transgender women and trans women from all the world.

Ladyboy: This word is associated with Asian trans women. It is form the term "kathoey".

Shemale: This is a disrespectful word. It is inappropriate to describe a transgender woman.