How to Date Transgender Women?

Dating is a tricky thing for everyone, especially tricky when it comes to dating a transgender woman. Today, we are offering some tips about how to date a transgender woman.

Most transgender dating happen online. That is where most transgender people find dates or most transgender admirers find their transgender partner. There are transgender bars or anything like that. Even if there are gay bars, there are few people looking for transgenders or there are few transgender people would go outside to seek love. It is difficult for transgender people to find meeting spots because there really isn’t any place for them. Actually, 90% of transgender dates come from online dating sites or dating apps.

However, one thing with online trans dating is that there are two sides to it. On the one hand, there are people that sincerely interested in dating transgender people, or transgender people really looking for real romantic relationships. On the other hand, there are men that are just fertilizing transgender women or just want to play games with them, or transgender women who are looking for money with sex. Therefore, it would leave you a problem of how to distinguish who is sincere and who is playing games. It is very difficult to differ the good ones from another.

Here is some advice for you. First impression can be really decisive. If he said something disrespectful or said something wrong, you could immediately identify him as a game player or a chaser. You'd better ignore that kind of guy immediately and never talk to him again whether they are handsome or not. You don't want to be hurt further by them.

If a guy is talking dirty words to you, you should know that he is not into you. You are considered as a sexual fetish with him. This can be very easy to distinguish from. If he is interested in your body parts or your history more than your present, if he is asking you rude questions about yourself, if he is sending you erotic pictures, I suggest you to blacklist him. In his eyes, you are not a person, you are just like a sex toy to meet his needs. If you are looking for serious relationships, they are not your choice. You should get away from them.

If you are really interested in dating transgender women, I suggest you to approach them just like you would do with a regular woman. Do not say that you are interested in dating transgender people or you are just into transgender women. It would make you more like a chaser or a game player. If she tells you that she is a transgender woman, do not say that I know, I can tell. But say that you have some experience with transgender women or you don’t have any experience with transgender women, but you are okay with it. DO not ask silly questions about our body parts. We will tell you when we are ready.