What Should You Do to Improve Your Threesome Experience

Having a threesome has undoubtedly become a hot issue these days and a must-try for a huge number of open-minded singles. Now that the days of when talking about threesome is considered as taboo have passed, an increasing number of youngsters are feeling more liberating when it comes to express themselves both verbally and physically. That’s also why more and more couples dating apps, tinder for threesomes and tinder for couples have emerged overnight in order to cater the needs of couples seeking women and women seeking couples who are looking for tinder threesome and three way partners. However, according to a nationally conducted survey in over 20 countries, more than 75.6% of swingers are still having troubles having a memorable, hot and steaming threesome experience. Therefore the top 3 three way dating platform teamed up with an effort to assemble the most useful advice for people who are living a swinging lifestyle.

Safety is priority.

It might sound less sexy compared to our topic of today-threesome, but it is essential. Since it is better to be cautious than regret. Thus get both yourself and your partner tested is of great importance since no one want’s to get STD. Also make sure that you have enough condoms in your drawer since you to change condom after every penetration of every partner.

Get yourself a compatible partner.

After make sure you are clean, you can move forward to the business that every swingers who are into bisexual dating, kinky dating and polyamorous dating have been looking for so long-find a three way partner who you are compatible with. To avoid any potential problems that might arise in the future, invite your match on three way dating site first to get to know him. Also be open about what you want during to date to save the confusions.

Know how to deal with jealousy.

So finally, you have gotten to the point where you can introduce the three way partner to your long term partner. Then you get scared and confused. Don’t worry, because it is totally normal since a threesome relationship is nothing like a committed monogamist relationship. So, how do you maintain the triangle relationship and balance the feelings of the three parties involved? No matter you like wife sharing or wife threesome, it is of great significance to assure your partner that your relationship is stable and nothing would change because of the third partner. Thus it is strongly recommended to only try out threesome when both of you are feeling secure in the long term relationship.

Little tricks that will improve the three way experience.

Just like when you are with your partner, foreplay will still set the right tone for what is about to happen next. Also, light some dim candles instead of turning on the main light, since people tend to get much more self conscious when naked in front of more than one person.
That’s basically all you should know, keep the tips in mind will greatly increase your threesome dating experience.

BBW Dating Tips for Men

Are you dating a BBW woman or looking for BBW woman to date? BBW dating isn’t quite similar as your regular dating however. BBW women are same as other slim or skinny women but still you need to know few things about BBW women and BBW dating. However, as per survey of 1000 BBW women, there are few facts that we came to know about BBW women. Some BBW women tell us that few men don’t know how to approach or talk to BBW women while they are on a date. Dating with BBW is a skill and need some special things that you need to implement. You don’t take BBW women too easy and available.

Here are few things that you need to know or keep in mind before going out for a date with a curvy. You must know about these tips and also know what to do or what not to include when you are dating with a BBW woman. Here are few things.

Never talk about her weight – We all know that BBW women are overweight or plus size and it seems clearly. But you don’t need to tell her directly or ask questions about her body weight, plus size body, her diet plans or gym routine. This seems to be bit rude and embarrassing if you are asking these questions directly to her on your first date. This may spoil your date and also you won’t get the second chance.

Plus size girls are still girls and you must treat them as you are treating other slim girls – big body girls are not different from others slim girls and you don’t need any extra effort or some different language to talk with them. There isn’t any other special technique or skill to impress or talk with them; you can treat them as the same as you are treating other slim girls when you are on a date.

Don’t make fun of BBW women in front of your friends – its fine that you are dating with a BBW woman and also make sexual relations with her. But when it comes to public your relationship with BBW woman, you start making fun of BBW women in front of your friends. This isn’t necessary and you don’t need to do that or any reason. If you seriously like to date her but don’t like to see with her in public areas. Tell her directly that you want her but keep patience as our relationship isn’t public yet.

Be polite and humble – it’s your choice that you like to date a BBW women, so you are not doing a favor on her by dating her. Be polite and humble when you are dating a BBW. Even BBW women too have the same thinking and insecurities in them towards dating and they always feel a insecure when they are going out for a date with you.

These are the basic tips that you need to follow or must know before going out for a BBW date.

Best Possible Candidate for Threesome Dating

What you think about threesome? Are you interested in threesome or is threesome in your biggest sexual fantasies or desires that you would like to fulfill? If yes, than to whom would you target is the next important question that you need to think? It is not possible to go and ask any random women for threesome. So, how do you know which one is the ideal threesome candidate and what are the ways to approach to them for asking about to have a threesome dating experience.

However, share a bed with a third person isn’t that easy. You and your partner must be open minded and the only thing you know about is to enjoy your sex life completely without any hesitation and confusion. It is important to approach a right candidate for threesome if you really want to enjoy and experience a threesome relationship.

Here the best possible candidates that you can ask for having a tinder threesome relationship with you and your partner. There are many women that might be interested in threesome and also love to have a new sexual experience and never mind in sharing a bed with you and your girl friend. Here are few listed here.

It is believed that single mother would be an idle candidate among all single women, divorced women, married women or a single woman. Having a sexual relationship with other couple is something that needs to be lot of confidence and will power. Single moms are quite the best candidate for threesome in these cases. As we know that single moms are already owns a responsibility of their kids and that the reason they never commit themselves in any relationship but on the other hand, there are some desires and personal needs that they want to fulfill. Having a threesome seems to be the best opportunity for them as there isn’t any commitment in threesome relationship and also it is only for fun and to fulfill your personal desires.

According to the couples that are interested in threesome dating, they believed that it is quite easy for them to ask or have a threesome with a single mom rather than other woman. This is all because there isn’t any commitment in a relationship.

But along with this, most men found that having a threesome relationship with single moms isn’t that easy because of their first priority is always for their kids and the most important. You can’t make sudden plans to go out and enjoy a threesome with a single mom. Whenever you have planned to go out with single mom, they first have to arrange a baby sitter for their kids and make sure that the baby sitter will take care of her kids.

However, the best part of having a threesome with single moms is, you are all ready to build new contacts and relations with new women that too are interested in threesome relationship and experience the new way of dating.

I Am Obsessed with Threesome Dating Since the First Time

I have had a marriage for three years, and I divorced. Because my husband said to me “I am gay, I can’t always deceive you. It makes me so bad.” He was very kind to me and always treated me as his princess. Everything seems to be wonderful, except for our short and boring sex life. I can’t seem to satisfy him in terms of sex. I have been working hard for it until one day he told me the truth. My three-year marriage is over here, and we have returned to our own world to start a new life. I have always had a question to ask him, why he married me. After all, we had many happy memories.

We have no children, and I have never thought about getting married again. After the divorce, I went to the bar every day and sat on the bar to think about how happy we had been. The sun in my world has fallen, and there is only endless darkness in my life. All my friends and families want to help me, but don’t know what to do. I can feel their concern for me, and I want to cheer myself up. But I seem to have lost all my strength and have no willpower to do other things. Depression is my only emotion.

Until the day I met the person. I know that I need to be born again, he will be my sun. I was alone in the corner of the bar that day. He came over and said to me, “Can I sit here?” I looked up and down the stranger did not speak. “I have been paying attention to you for a long time. You will be here every night at 8:00, and always drink alone.” He continued, and sat down without my consent. We had sex that night, maybe because of alcohol, I don’t remember how it all happened.

From that day on, we often date, but no relationship. One day, he text me a message “today is your birthday, I will give you a surprise.” When I walked into the room, I saw him and another handsome boy. The threesome is the special birthday present. At first I was very embarrassed because I never had sex with two boys. Then they started to touch me, kiss me, and I started to get excited. I never thought I would have a threesome trip one day. It was a wonderful experience I have ever had.

A year later, he proposed to me and I said yes. He opened the door to a new world for me. Our marriage is not a traditional monogamy. We have different three way dating every week. We are looking for a third person together, including a fashion girl, a housewife, a handsome waiter and a dating site member to joined our tinder threesome. Every time we plan a threesome, we will filter a lot of members and choose one that both of us are willing to date. If someone refuses or doesn’t want to, then we cancel the plan.

Most people who join us just want to make their boring life more interesting. In fact, we are the same. We don’t date the same person twice because we don’t want to stop exploring for new experiences. We are not bisexual and love each other deeply. We will not marry a third person. This is our life now.

A Transgender Dating Guide Shared With Men

Maybe you’ve met your sexy transgender girl online and you’re having a hot chat. Maybe you’ve met the trans woman of your dreams and your imagination is still going on, even if you haven’t finished the journey together. Or maybe you’ve been dating for years, but you’re both working and not in a relationship, and you’re trying to put sex back on your schedule. Here are some transgender dating tips for men.

1.Be confidence
You don’t need a membership card to meet new people, thanks to the community of transgender worshippers and the transgender community. Transgender women are also members of political parties, trade unions, book clubs, etc.

2.Use online dating sites
It’s easier to meet a transgender woman on a trans dating site than it is on shopping. And to take the liberty of asking someone, “are you transgender ?” you might end up with a broken nose. In addition, transgender dating sites offer a number of dating tips for you whether you’re dating a transgender woman for the first time or have already started a relationship with a transgender woman. Meeting new people or doing new things can be challenging or intimidating, but everything is the first time.

3.Be honest
The best way to handle a horrible situation is to be honest. There’s nothing shameful about dating a trans woman, you just have to be honest about it. Show that you want to know everything about them.

4.Something to hide
Be honest, but don’t dump trash on a date. Everyone wants to know about your life story or your ex-girlfriend on their first date. Don’t show your hand on everything on the first date.

5.Be willing to know
Take the time to read about transgender women dating articles and how to date a trans woman. You also need to know something about transgender people like how are transgender born, what is trans, what is a trans girl, etc. With the Internet, people will soon be able to know and learn about transgender people.

6.Respect transgender women
Just because you read what transgender activists say, it doesn’t mean it’s your date’s opinion. To understand transgender people from multiple perspectives, because transgender people don’t agree on every issue.

There are currently transgender Democrats, Greens and Republicans in society. Each party has different ideas and beliefs. Never simply assume that this woman’s thoughts are the same as the next woman’s, even if they share culture, career and politics.

7.Put yourself there because she’s looking for you

You may be unsure about dating a transgender woman, but don’t worry. Even if you have awkward moments, remember that it’s not the end of the world. Don’t forget that trans women are looking for you, too.

Dating is especially challenging for transgender women. She is looking for someone who is as kind, humorous, polite, open-minded and confident as you are and doesn’t care what others think.

How to Date Transgender Women?

Dating is a tricky thing for everyone, especially tricky when it comes to dating a transgender woman. Today, we are offering some tips about how to date a transgender woman.

Most transgender dating happen online. That is where most transgender people find dates or most transgender admirers find their transgender partner. There are transgender bars or anything like that. Even if there are gay bars, there are few people looking for transgenders or there are few transgender people would go outside to seek love. It is difficult for transgender people to find meeting spots because there really isn’t any place for them. Actually, 90% of transgender dates come from online dating sites or dating apps.

However, one thing with online trans dating is that there are two sides to it. On the one hand, there are people that sincerely interested in dating transgender people, or transgender people really looking for real romantic relationships. On the other hand, there are men that are just fertilizing transgender women or just want to play games with them, or transgender women who are looking for money with sex. Therefore, it would leave you a problem of how to distinguish who is sincere and who is playing games. It is very difficult to differ the good ones from another.

Here is some advice for you. First impression can be really decisive. If he said something disrespectful or said something wrong, you could immediately identify him as a game player or a chaser. You’d better ignore that kind of guy immediately and never talk to him again whether they are handsome or not. You don’t want to be hurt further by them.

If a guy is talking dirty words to you, you should know that he is not into you. You are considered as a sexual fetish with him. This can be very easy to distinguish from. If he is interested in your body parts or your history more than your present, if he is asking you rude questions about yourself, if he is sending you erotic pictures, I suggest you to blacklist him. In his eyes, you are not a person, you are just like a sex toy to meet his needs. If you are looking for serious relationships, they are not your choice. You should get away from them.

If you are really interested in dating transgender women, I suggest you to approach them just like you would do with a regular woman. Do not say that you are interested in dating transgender people or you are just into transgender women. It would make you more like a chaser or a game player. If she tells you that she is a transgender woman, do not say that I know, I can tell. But say that you have some experience with transgender women or you don’t have any experience with transgender women, but you are okay with it. DO not ask silly questions about our body parts. We will tell you when we are ready.

Several Things Younger Men Should Keep In Mind About Cougars

Young men who are dating older women often make mistakes that can be avoided, and these mistakes will make their cougars lose interest in dating. Dating with a very independent woman can be frightening, but they are not all that. The older woman is also a woman, the key is how you treat her. In fact, some dating rules apply equally to cougar dating. For example, be yourself, respect yourself and your date, and communicate with her at any time to solve the problem of relationship. Although older women have more experience to make them more confident and independent, if you don’t think about these simple rules of love, your cougar may be disappointed.

So if you are a young person who want to know how to attract and maintain a relationship with an older woman, please remember the following things. It can help you understand cougars more, and you can attract the perfect one on tinder free app.

Don’t blindly worship the cougar

The relationship between older women and younger men is not a fetish, they are a true love relationship. The cougar is looking for a mature and independent young man who is spontaneous and energetic to meet the needs of the cougar. They don’t want a younger man who needs their care and spoil him. Being a sugar mom is not what older women want. Cougars are not the kind of people who have to pay for their company. Publicly claiming that your fascination with cougars may make many older women resentful, they want more than just sex.

Strong women will be vulnerable

You may be impressed with cougar’s self-confidence and independence, but she is not born with these qualities. It was her life experience, and the setbacks she experienced made what she is now. Let her guide you to become a stronger man and she will respect your efforts, but remember that when she encounters difficulties, she still needs you. Because everyone faces difficulties, most people need someone they can count on to help them get through the storm. At this time, you will realize that she is not always strong, don’t hide or run away. You should be her backing, be her rock, give her your shoulders and let her cry.

Showing some mature emotions

This is different from the kind of maturity that comes with keeping a job or owning an apartment. Emotional maturity means that you can deal with some emotional problems, stay open and honest in communication, and be able to distinguish and understand your emotions. People who are good at communication will not be easily angered, and they will be more self-aware. They will stand out among many people who want cougar dating. The harder you improve yourself, the more successful you will be in cougar dating relationship.

Don’t be a knight

Dating young women, you may feel the need to protect them or save them. But this way doesn’t apply to cougar. Dating an older woman means she knows almost everything about dating. She will make her own decision, although she may ask you for advice and appreciate your insight, but she will do what she thinks is right for her. And besides, be with cougar, she won’t expect you to pay for everything. If she claims she prepare something special for you then just accept it . You can treat her for another time.

Why Are Threesome in Prevail?

In modern society, threesome is not an unfamiliar word any more. Most people have tried it or have interest in it. You might wonder, what makes threesome so popular? Its popularity has been keeping growing for year to year. This kind of relationship is totally different from traditional relationship. It’s not about monogamy, but some kind of polygamy. Recently, a study research shows that threesome has been one of the relationship that many people are willing to experience.

Like any other type of relationship, most people are aware of this, but they are not free to convey their sexual orientation. In some cultures, the three way is not be accepted by the public or even be rejected by the society. This situation has been existing for years. However, there’s no need to worry. With the development of the times, there are a lot of tinder free apps out there where you can find a sense of belonging. Everyone here is looking for a threesome or at least want to try it. You’ll soon realize that it’s catching on quickly. Of course, it is the key to find a website that best suits you.


Finding a three way partner from a threesome dating site is different from a traditional dating. The online tinder for threesomes will give you the possibility of a unlimited potential appointment. Because you are free to join any of the threesome websites you want, finding the companion that suits you and meeting them anywhere you want. Such an appointment mode has no boundaries. You can also meet attractive singles in love around the world, making things more interesting and engaging.


When you find a third partner, the threesome hookup website will give your threesome dating more flexibility in dating. You can date with different dates at a time, which means that your third partner will not only rotate around one person, you can appreciate the many possibilities of dating. You can build this relationship with anyone you want or someone you are interested in. In this way, the threesomes will be more interesting.


Threesomes are considered to be the best way to get the most out of your benefits. Nowadays people are full of time and work pressure, almost no extra time to enjoy life and relax themselves. No matter what situation you are in, life is always unstoppable. Especially when you still need to be responsible for your current relationship, you need to improve it through threesomes. The advantage of threesome dating websites is that you have full control over the schedule. Not to mention that you can keep in touch with your partners by chat or email. It means that you are free to discuss your dating plan tonight with your third wheel.


Be cautious is the way to stop your relatives and friends to judge you and your partner. Being cautious can also avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble. Everyone wants the three way event to be carried out in private. So when you join the best threesome website, like 3rder, it can provide you with absolute privacy.

Things You Need to Know about Your Date of Transgender Dating

Perhaps everyone has heard of the words “transgender woman“, “shemale”, “ladyboy”, but not everyone knows the difference. Even if all of these terms refer to people who have been assigned the wrong gender at birth, depending on the situation, if you don’t know what it means, the wrong use of this term may hurt others. So now let’s figure out the definition of these terms to avoid misunderstandings that may make when talking to trans women. Especially when you are looking for a transgender girlfriend on tinder free app, some basic knowledge about the LGBT language used in a transgender community may make you stand out. So if you want to impress the transgender girl you like, take a carefully look at this article.

Different surgical status

There are three different surgical status for transgender people. Such as Transsexual Pre-Op, Transsexual Post-Op and Transsexual Non-Op. The first status, Transsexual Pre-Op means male-to-female people who still keep their male genitalia, but to a certain extent are intended for SRS. The second statues, Transsexual Post-Op means that male-to-female people who have the sex reassignment surgery. And the their status, Transsexual Non-Op means that male-to-female people who hasn’t have the surgery and don’t want to. Because of many reasons, for example, the risk of medical complications, the high cost of surgery, the fear of loss of sexual pleasure, and so on.

Many transgender women prefer to position themselves as “pre-op” because it sounds more flexible. In other words, it does not mean that all trans people will have sex reassignment surgery, and different trans people will think differently. It also leaves open the possibility of surgery. Therefore, if you’re looking for a flexible relationship, the surgical status of your transgender partner may be important. Of course, it’s up to them to decide whether to operate. Please don’t try to impose your ideas on them, nor force them to do it.

Always use transgender or transsexual, sometime use ladyboy and never use shemale

People who care about transgender people will notice that the word “shemale” is common on porn sites. Because this word is often associated with pornography and prostitution. This is why this word is completely inappropriate for trans women, because not all trans women are involved in the sex industry. Many transgender women who live a decent life have to face stereotypes that may hinder their career development or find a nice partner. The first thing you want to do to find trans dating is to forget everything you see on the shemale porn site.

Term of trans-related

Transgender women: This word is usually refers to a woman who was assigned male at birth. It can identify Western transgender women and trans women from all the world.

Ladyboy: This word is associated with Asian trans women. It is form the term “kathoey”.

Shemale: This is a disrespectful word. It is inappropriate to describe a transgender woman.