Real threesome experience with my wife

As a couple who has been married for more than a decade, coming up with the idea of having a tinder threesome sounds like a red flag. But, is it a red flag? No matter how passionate you are at the start of marriage, the enthusiasm dies down slowly with the time goes by. That was the case with me and my wife Jane, who I have known for more than 15 years. But hey, don’t get me wrong. She is the one and the only one woman that I love in the world, but it is hard to deny that marriage life can get a little bit plain.

I still remember everything on the day when we decided to try out having a three some and finding a three some partner. After watching the X rated movie from one of the most famous movie star which is filled with hot and steamy kinkd scenes, the idea of having a threesome just came to my mind naturally. But I was too nervous to bring it up to my wife for fear that she’d mistaken it for a red flag in our marriage. However, what shocked me was that she was the one who brought it up first!
“Jack, have you ever considered having a threesome with me?”

I was out of speech for at least 5 seconds and then my brain got to function normally again so that I could think about the idea my wife just proposed.

“Well, is it a trap or something?”

“Honey, don’t play dumb with me. I know ever guy would love to try threesome at least once in their life!”

Which is true. As far as I know, all my colleagues have been fantasizing to have a wife sharing or wife threesome experience at least once in their life. Even though me and my wife are not swingers who live a swinging lifestyle and who are into threesome dating, bisexual dating, polyamorous dating or kinky dating all the time, after living the traditional marital lifestyle for 10 years, we do want something new in our daily life, something that could rekindle the fire and passion between us.
Thus, having a threesome with my wife does sound a bit out of blue, but it is undeniable a captivating option.

“let’s do it, sweetheart”

If you are one of those who are interested in having a threesome and looking for a three way partner to bring some spice to your marriage life, but find it too intimidating to talk about it with your partner. Don’t be afraid, Jane and Jack are jsut one typical couple that you could see everyday in the streets, we don’t label ourselves as one of those super open minded couple. We are just normal. And the concept we are trying to bring to you guys is that normal couples can have threesome too!

A Step-By-Step Guide to Trans Dating

Step 1
What is trans dating? Before starting a trans dating, you should know what is trans dating. Trans dating means dating with transgender people no matter who you are. Now, more and more people, especially men like to date transgender women for hookup and even marriage, and this is why trans dating site is more and more popular. Trans dating site is the best way to start a trans dating, and trans dating helps all transgender people to meet their dating partners.

Step 2
You need to find a great tranny date site, since trans dating site is the best platform to find your trans dating partner. Different sites for different kinds of dating. First, make sure to choose a trans dating app instead of choosing an ordinary dating app. All transgender people know that most of ordinary dating sites are unfriendly to transgender people. What’s your purpose of trans dating? What are you looking for? Hookup, love relationship or marriage. Choose the right site according to your dating purpose.

Step 3
This is my personal suggestion. I advise you to choose a trans dating app with paid membership subscriptions. According to my personal experience of online dating, paid dating sites are safer than free sites. Safety is a serious problem of trans dating, no matter who you are, it is important to protect yourself in trans dating.

Step 4
Create your account on a trans dating site, this is an important step. First, you need to fill in your basic information such as name, gender, location and more. Then, the most important part is your head image. Be sure your photo image is your recent photo, in which you are the same as who you are. No matter you are man or woman, the only rule is less naked flesh and a healthy injection of frivolity in your photo. No one want to be matched with landscape photography and blank pictures, so make sure your photo image is your real photo.

Step 5
It is time to start your online dating. Search potential dating partners from any where you want, and then know more about the one that you are interested in. Read their profile, or you can know about other people by chatting with them online. Online dating is different from face-to-face encounter, you don’t need to prepare for too much, while communication skills are especially important. If you want to have a long term relationship with someone online, try to improve your communication skill and impress your partner at the first dating.

Step 6
The final step is to ask someone out for date. Everything becomes difficult when online dating transfers to face-to-face encounter. Make sure you are ready enough to meet someone, because the first dating is crucial to your relationship. How to ask someone out for dating? It depends on who will you date with. In a word, before dating someone for the first time, make sure everything is ready enough for you to make a great impression on your dating partner.

Some Differences Between 3rder And Other Threesome Apps

If you have ever thought about a different lifestyle, you must know 3rder dating app since it is one of the most popular tinder app on kinky dating market. About 5 years ago, it released its first version and now it has become a well-known app and over one million people from all over the world are using it for threesomes or swingers dating. In fact, there is a variety of similar online apps for threesomes on the app store but 3rder is always considered to be a remarkable one. Thanks to its advantages as follows, it makes itself different from other apps of this kind.

Believe it or not, 3rder is the only tinder for threesomes app that works similarly to Tinder. As a tinder-style dating app, 3rder try its best to offer its user a fast and easy dating platform on which users can swipe right to add users they like and swipe left to pass users they don’t like. Whenever users want to check whom they have viewed and who have viewed them, the simple profile system makes it possible for them to do it at any time. Users also can find their potential matches in the favorite list even if they haven’t paid this app.

During past few years, 3rder has worked well for users and it barely has something wrong all the time. So far as we know, some other swingers apps encountered problems more or less but 3rder has nothing wrong. Therefore, users like to use it for threesomes because they believe it is a stable running app that will never let them down. They trust 3rder and the app also rewards users’ trust with the best service.

Although 3rder doesn’t have the largest number of users, it actually has the most daily active users who are looking for serious threesome relationships here. It is said that about 75 percent of people on 3rder are daily active users and this number is increasing all the time. That’s to say, if you are just new to this app, the most people you meet are real people, so that you can make friends with them without concerns about meeting fake users. 3rder calls itself to be the safest threesome app and it really does a great job in this field.

Whether you would like to upgrade your membership or not, 3rder won’t force you stop your journey here until you pay. You are allowed to stay on this app forever as a free member and it will never put up some obstacles to your dating trip. Now, so many users have bought a subscription for some advanced dating features since they find 3rder is totally an affordable app. Compared with other apps, it charges you much less money while it offers you the most privileges of using those extra functions for threesomes.

Q&A Get Your Husband to Have A MMF Threesome with You

Q: Recently, I watched a movie about threesome. It is Love. I think I am crazy about it, about threesome. I want to have a tinder threesome with my husband and I want the third to be a male. It must be so wonderful and fun to be surrounded by two naked handsomes. Sometimes I even dreamt for it. But I think my husband wouldn’t agree to that. I spoke to him once and he is really resistant to it. I know that it is very hard to ask a straight man to sleep with another man, but I really want it. I want to be loved and cares int he same time by two naked males. How wonderful is that? I just want to try it so bad. What should I do to get my husband into it?

A: It is good to hear you speak it out. Now that you have clearly found out what you want, you can try some method to get your husband on board. The first method is to persuade him in every way. It is very common that most men can’t accept sharing a bed with another men. But most men have no problem watching a man with a woman. The woman can be their partner sometimes. You need find out if it is okay to your husband to see you with another man. Tell him that it is okay if he doesn’t want to touch this man. The two males are just there to please the female. There will be no intimate contact between them. If your husband is okay with that, that is very easy. You just need to stick to the plan and do it. If your husband can’t accept it, there goes the second way. Every man wants to have a threesome dating with two hot chicks. So is your husband. I am pretty sure he is interested too. Find out what kind of girl she likes and bring him the photo and an invitation. You can have a threesome with a pretty girl first. Make your husband happy and satisfied. Since you have allowed him to have threesome with two girls, why he can’t allow you to have a threesome with two handsomes. I think he can’t say no to you after that.

Here is the tips I can give to in regard to having threesome with two males. The situation differs from individuals. Sometimes, there is no way that can get your husband into having a MMF threesome with you, you might as well give it up. After all, nothing can be more important than your marriage, right? If your husband is not 100 percent on board, threesome can really damage your relationship. No joking. There are many people experienced this. Just think twice before you do it.

My Wildest Threesome Experience

I am not going to lie that having a threesome is every guy’s dream, and some open minded girls. Of course, I am not an exception. Being a registered member on one of the best tinder for threesomes and tinder for couples for more than three years, I have found the most amazing three way sex as well as all sorts of sexual experience. Recently, the couples dating apps invited me, one of the most experienced prime members, to write about my three way experience in order to help all the beginners who have just set their foot in the world of kinky dating, bisexual dating and polyamorous dating. If you, one of those newbies who have been looking for threesome and a three way partner but have no idea where to start, read my story to get prepared.

I was with my long term partner for more than five years. As a monogamist couple, deciding to live a swinger lifestyle is a big step forward. But we still decided to do it since we both feel very secured about our committed relationship and would like some tension fired up between us.

Here’s the first threesome dating advice if you are in a relationship: not everyone is up for a threesome sex. Thus making sure your partner is on the same page with you if of vital importance. Also, never bring up the topic directly if you are not completely sure about his/her attitude. Citing an example will be a smart way to do it. For instance, you can ask her: I have just read the latest scandal about Justin Bieber, guess what! He have just had a threesome with two hot Brazilian models. Have you ever thought about that? After we made up our mind about having a threesome, we turned to the famous tinder for threesome and tinder for couples where gathered a tremendous amount of couples seeking women, women seeking couples who are into threesome, wife sharing and wife threesome. Soon enough, we have got a list full of matches. However, my partner and I both feel very confused about what to do next facing such a seemingly countless options. Here comes the third threesome dating advice that’s worth paying attention.

When you are looking for the third willing partner online, get to know them a bit more first. I know that you might be thinking why does personality matter if I’m just looking for something casual? The answer is it matters since different personality gives out different vibes. Introverted people might be more submissive, outgoing ones are tend to be more dominant, and those swingers are definitely freaky! What kind of three way partner you are looking for depends on your own sexual preference as well as dislikes.

Last but not least, the key to planning a sexy and memorable three way sex: be who you are. Don’t be afraid to present yourself. Since it is the whole point of having a threesome: having fun and becoming liberating.

GHunt is a tinder free app for hooking up gay men and guys

If you want to hook up with other gay men in a safe and comfortable environment, you should try GHunt as it is an outstanding gay dating app especially designed for gays. Now it has gathered over 100,000 gay men from all over the world and this number is in a rapid growth every day. Whenever you join this app, you will find you are surrounded by thousands of gay men who are looking for arrangements here. Besides, according to the feedback from users, GHunt offers its members a few useful dating features. Besides, it allows everyone to use these basic features without any charge. If you are a gay man who has been looking for a relationship for a long time, GHunt can be the best choice.

About the registration
GHunt is available both on the App Store and Google Play and every user can download it for free. When you try to log in GHunt, you have to create your account with your email or you can sign in with your Facebook account. By the way, please check if you have input the right email address because if you leave the false email here, you will not be able to reset your password and receive any reply back from the customer support team. After uploading your profile photo there, you need to take a few minutes to improve your personal profile and we advise you not to skip this step. Through your detailed personal profile, other gay men will get to know you better and they will be more likely to contact you. Those information will not reveal anything about your private life and you can rest assured.

About subscription plans
Although most of those features can be accessed by free members, they will need advanced features to initiate new connections with members they like and get to know them from there. So, just like any other similar app in gay dating field, GHunt creates an in-app purchase system for members and it will help members to upgrade their membership quickly and easily. GHunt provides four different subscription plans for members to choose no matter which plan they pay for, they will be charged much less money compared with other dating apps for gay hookup. After upgrading the membership, VIP users are going to be allowed to take full use of several advanced features so that they can find and meet their ideal partners as soon as possible.
Subscription plans are listed as follows:
1 week VIP membership: $7.99
1 month VIP membership: $14.99
3months VIP membership: $34.99
6 months VIP membership: $54.99

Final verdict
Among a variety of gay hookup app, if we have to list several most practical apps, GHunt must be in the top of that list. So far, we have witnessed many gay dating apps emerging and disappearing in the market. But we believe GHunt will continue to offer users the best gay hookup environment.

3rder, the Perfect Tinder Free App for Threesome

Overall Review

3rder is one of the most popular threesome tinder free app out there. It is dedicated to providing the platform for threesome enthusiasts and people who want to try a three way. This is one of the best threesome dating sites with a member amount over 100,000. People are coming here for kinky dates, including FFM threesomes, FMM threesomes and foursomes. No matter what kind of kinky dating you ask for, you can get satisfied in here. Here, you are provided with a nice dating platform where you can definitely find your compatible partners. Therefore, in a survey conducted by several famous threesome review websites among threesome dating amateurs recently, 3rder was ranked to be the top tinder for threesomes.

Signup process

3rder is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. You can download it without any charge and install it on your devices. And the sign up process is very simple with its navigation. The signing up process involves few steps which only need you a few minutes. You need to sign up with your email or Facebook, and add some basic information such as who you are, where you from and who you want to find(man, woman or couple), what is your preference(MMF, FFM, MMM or FFF). And you need to choose a username and password. The next part you need to do is filling out some optional information which includes: race, body type, sexual orientation and so on. After you finish these steps, you can get access to use this app.


Quickmatch: Unlike other similar swingers apps, 3rder offers its members with a unique match system called quickmatch which is convenient and powerful. With its clean interface and simple design, even though you are new to online tinder for threesomes apps, you are able to learn how use it and find dating partners. Quickmatch will do the search job for you. Based on your preference and profiles, it will select the most possible matches for you everyday. The only thing you need to do is swiping right to like or swiping left to reject. Once someone you are interested likes you, you will be matched. Then you can talk with the people.

Membership price

In order to make threesome become easier and better, 3rder offers three different membership plans for users to choose. No matter which plan they buy, they will be only charged less than $10 a month but get full access with all the services. Frankly speaking, 3rder is an affordable tinder threesome app for everyone. And the membership with the prices listed below:

1 month subscription: $9.99
3 month subscriptions: $24.99
6 month subscriptions: $39.99

Once you become the VIP member, you can send message to anyone you like and get an emblem of VIP to stand out of other members and so on.

Bottom line

All in all, 3rder is an amazing tinder threesome app for singles and couples and all other kinks asking for threesome experience. Join this platform is easy and affordable. It only need few steps, you can start to search three way partners as per your likings. Why don’t you come and give it a try?

Transdr, the Leading Tinder Free App for Trans Dating

General Information

There is a brand new tinder free app has launched in June by GoMatch named Transdr. It is an app especially designed for transgender relationship. With the development of technology, we can see there are lots of online dating apps for general dating, but it is hard to find apps for transgender people. Transsexuals and crossdressers are special dating groups, even so, why can’t they get the same chance to date others? So, that’s the inspiration for the GoMatch Limited to create the Transdr, which will be a Tinder for the transgenders. It provides a safe and convenient place with trans people and others who want a ts dating relationship to meet, connect and date with like minded beings without any judgement or criticism.

Sign up Process

There is no specific qualification to join this app,therefor, people of different background, academic status, and perspectives about life and ts dating can be met here. Much more fun is discovered to the platform by the way that you can view and chat with interested and proactive people. And how to become the member of Transdr is easy and fast. There is no complicated steps in the process, but a few instruction that will help you sign up to this app soon.

First you need to install it on your iOS devices because Transdr is only available on the Apple Store. Second you need to add your email address and choose a username and password, and then you need to state the type of people you wan to meet and some detailed preference about the partner. In order to confirm who you are, you need to verify your account. After this, the whole signing up process is done.


Match system: Transdr operates in a new way which is different from other dating apps. It has an unique match system which is both convenient and efficient. With such a simply designed feature, even though you are new to dating app, you are able to learn how to control it. The system will recommend several profiles as per your preferences. Swipe right to like or swipe left to pass. In this way, it will save much time for selecting the right and suitable dating partner.

Photo verification: In order to build a true and real platform for users, the team of Transdr use photo verification to check the authenticity. It can select the fake account and scammers from tons of members. The team promises that this photo will not be used in any other way but to verify members. Once you’ve passed the validation, the system will give you a mark of successful verification, which allows other users to know that you are a real user.


For providing better features and further opportunities, Transdr comes with very cool and affordable subscription packages. To upgrade to VIP to get exclusive priorities, the membership package as followed:

1 month subscription with auto renewal: $14.99
3 months subscription with auto renewal: $29.99
6 months subscription with auto renewal: $49.99

If you are looking for serious trans dating relationship, Transdr is the best alternative. Don’t hesitate and join this app.

CougarD, the Top Tinder Free App for Cougar Dating

CougarD, an amazing tinder free app for cougar dating, has attracted tons of older women and younger men who are interested in cougar dating relationships come to here. In modern society, the relationships between younger men and older women are not accepted for everyone, some still hold old-fashioned judgement about it. Considering to meet this group of people’s needs for cougar dating, the team of GoMatch has released a new app called CougarD. Since its launch, CougarD can be considered as one of the best most popular older women dating platform where you can find a suitable match for cougar life. Using this app can avoid you experience the trouble of finding a date in the real world. Let’s take a deep dip to find out what’s and how’s of the app.


Frankly speaking, CougarD is a open door to cougar dating relationship. This is more a simple app than a free community where younger man and older women can connect and get to know each other, and ultimately plan a wonderful cougar dating in real life. The app is designed with a beautiful interface which helps new users learn how to use it in a short time. The technical team of CougarD is strong, they will try their best to make sure everyone on this app will have a comfortable experience. For now, CougarD is only available on Apple Store and you can download it on your iOS devices for free. The registration process is basic and you can finish it in few minutes. You only need to fill out some information, such as birthday, location, height and occupation and etc. Well, of course, your requirements for cougar dating partners.


Quickmatch: The app will select you some possible matches as per your profile and requirements. You can play three rounds in “Quickmatch” everyday. Here are profiles that can match your demand for dating. You can swipe right to show your interest or swipe left to turn down. Once the people you are interested in like you back, there is a match. It means you two can chat to each other freely.

Moments: This one of the most wonderful features on CougarD. It allows members to post picture to share their life moments with others. What you have posted in Moments will help others know you better. The more you post, the more attention you will get.

Membership price

CougarD offer some basic features to members to get into cougar relationship for free. There are some further and better services you can enjoy only if you are VIP member. It has provided three different membership plans for you to choose. The price is listed as blow.

6 Month: $ 23.33/Month. Billed in 1 EASY payment of $139.99

3 Month: $28.33/Month. Billed in 1 EASY payment of $ 84.99

1 Month: $29.99/Month. Billed in 1 EASY payment of $ 29.99

If you are VIP, you can send unlimited messages to anyone you want, get VIP emblem to stand out from all members, have full access to search to find desirable members and so on.

How to Impress A Transsexual Woman on Your First Trans Date?

When it comes to dating, the very first question that strikes in mind is how to impress your Tran’s women right in your first date. When you are on your first transsexual date, it becomes more important to stay normal and don’t lose your confidence. There are many things that you need to know before going into your first trans date that helps you to impress your Tran’s woman. However before knowing the tricks to impress your Tran’s date, you must know how to behave and what etiquette you have to show that describes your gentle behavior or nature and that will certainly helps you to impress your transgender dating partner.
Here are the first few things that you have to take care while you are on your first date.

Dressing sense – don’t think that transsexual woman won’t notice your dress and you don’t need to take care of your dressing sense while going for a transsexual date. Transsexual women too want their dating partner to look handsome and attractive. So it’s quite mandatory for you to keep yourself proper dressed up and make sure that you she will like your dress.

If you don’t know what to wear than it’s better to know the place first where you are going to meet on your first date and wear the outfits according to that. Suppose you are meeting in a park or a restaurant than a casual look would be quite best for you and you can wear casual clothes that looks good in you. As per the clothes, place is also important and you have to be very wise while selecting a place and make sure that the place isn’t quit far from you and you are well aware of the place. You and your dating partner will reach that place quite easily and in time without wasting much time to travel. In short, place must not far from you or your transsexual dating partner.

Avoid drinking on your first date, if possible – add alcohol isn’t a good idea on your first date especially when if you don’t know your limits. If that really happens with you, it’s is quite mandatory to avoid alcohol in your first date. But if you think that it seems to be unavoidable for you, make sure that you are strict to one or two not more than that. It is mandatory to be in limits if you really want to enjoy your first transsexual date.

If you are feeling a bit low in confidence and quite nervous, it’s better to have one or two small shots of alcohol to keep the things normal and bring your confidence back to face your first date. But as you know that over or anything will harm you or your date, especially if it’s your first date.

Give respect – don’t make fun of her gender identify and never ask any question about her gender choice. She is your date and you have to respect her in any case.